Child’s Play Qld is a not for profit children’s psychology practice, located in Morningside, Brisbane. Child’s Play provides professional psychological services to children and young people experiencing a range of psychological issues. Child’s Play will endeavour to provide counselling services across the lifespan of the child’s early development, to ensure that they are fully supported throughout their journey. Our psychologists are highly trained and experienced therapists, who have a genuine interest in children, and are fully equipped to support them throughout the counselling process.

As Child’s Play Qld is a not for profit, if at any stage it generates a profit, Child’s Play will retain those profits and reinvest the money to improve its services and facilities.

elizaEliza Vassallo established “Child’s Play Qld” in 2012. Eliza is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. Eliza’s role as Managing Director of Child’s Play Qld is to manage and support the psychologists within the clinic to ensure that Child’s Play Qld’s mission is always maintained. In addition, Eliza spends the majority of her time coordinating and planning fundraising events, to raise the much needed funds to help the clinic continue to offer affordable sessions to children and families.

What sets Child’s Play apart from other psychology practices, is that we are a not for profit, and an Australian Registered Charity. Our mission is to provide low cost psychological services to children from the ages of 3-18 including their parents and caregivers. We see children and adolescents for many issues including, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, gender identity issues, substance abuse, family violence, grief and loss as well as for social skills building programs, such as; confidence, resilience, and how to make friends.

We hope to secure enough funding, to one day enable us to fulfill our long term vision, which is; that all children, regardless of their family’s situation, will be able to come to Child’s Play and receive FREE counselling. Please note, that this is NOT currently available, but it is our vision for the future, which we hope to achieve through fundraising and sponsorship. The money that we raise in the future, is to ensure that no child misses out on receiving the support that they not only deserve, but very seriously need.

What our charity offers is the ability for children and young people to connect and to be heard.

Our even bigger vision is that the stigma associated with mental health is removed from society and that instead of shying away from the issues of mental health support, we embrace it and become more vocal and honest as a society, about the struggles that we all face and deal with every day.


Frankie (Animal Assisted Therapy Dog)

frankie and elizaFrankie is a miniature Cavoodle. He was born on the 4th of January 2016 and is a regular staff member at Child’s Play Qld. Frankie is trained as a therapy dog, through Therapy Dogs Australia. He can help to facilitate the therapeutic interaction between the child and their psychologist. Frankie makes regular appearances to welcome children and families into the clinic. With consultation from your child’s psychologist, Frankie can be available to attend therapy sessions to enhance therapeutic outcomes. If you are interested in having Frankie a part of your child’s counselling experience, please discuss this with your psychologist, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Being a therapy dog can be tiring for Frankie, and as such, he is only available for limited hours at Child’s Play Qld.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.





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