Child’s Play Qld

was established in 2012, under the GRT Foundation

Child’s Play Qld is a not for profit, Australian Registered Charity located in Holland Park West, Brisbane

We provide professional psychological services to children and young people 3-18, including their parents and caregivers. We see children and adolescents for many issues including, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, gender identity issues, substance abuse, family violence, grief and loss as well as for social skills building programs, such as; confidence, resilience, and how to make friends. Child’s Play Qld will endeavour to provide counselling services across the lifespan of the child’s early development, to ensure that they are fully supported throughout their journey. Our psychologists are highly trained and experienced therapists, who have a genuine interest in children, and are fully equipped to support them throughout the
counselling process.

As Child’s Play Qld is a not for profit, if at any stage it generates a profit, Child’s Play Qld will retain those profits and reinvest the money to improve its services and facilities.
Child's Play Qld

What we do

Our psychologists will discuss the counselling needs of the family and determine the best treatment plan for that child.
Psychological Services

Child’s Play Qld provides individual psychological counselling to children aged between 3 and 18 years.

Therapy Sessions

Our aim is to help children feel comfortable as quickly as possible, in order to maximise their counselling experience.

Therapeutic Groups

In addition to providing individual counselling, therapeutic groups are also offered for children and adolescents to attend.

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