Hamish Robertson


Hamish Robertson

Training for the Noosa Tri and to raise funds for CPQ!
$2,000.00 donated
19 Donors
Campaign has ended

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We are proud of the charity’s sustainability and the fantastic work that our team at CPQ are doing each and every day. The money that we raise will ensure that this amazing work can be continued and that more children and families receive the psychological support that they not only need, but truly deserve.

Child's Play Qld
Child's Play Qld

Child’s Play Qld provides psychological counselling to children and young people. Its aim is to deliver age appropriate psychological counselling and supportive group therapy programs, accross the lifespan of a childs' development.

  • Ric McDermott
    Posted at 04:17h, 02 November Reply

    Swim like there a shark after ya, ride like you’ve nicked it and run like The Coppers are coming🏃‍♂️

  • Ric McDermott
    Posted at 04:13h, 02 November Reply

    Swim like there’s a shark after ya, ride like you’ve nicked it, and run like the Coppers are coming

  • Adele Micheletti
    Posted at 21:42h, 31 October Reply

    Run Hamish, RUN!

  • campbell corfe
    Posted at 04:35h, 31 October Reply


  • Adrian Freer
    Posted at 06:01h, 30 October Reply

    Good luck Hamish. I want to see improvements from last year!!!

  • Richard De Kretser
    Posted at 03:48h, 30 October Reply

    Nice work Hammers!

  • Elicia Sleet-Ford
    Posted at 00:54h, 30 October Reply

    Good Luck Hamish!!

  • NICHOLAS Merwald
    Posted at 00:44h, 30 October Reply

    Good luck this Sunday Hammers 💪👍

  • Simon Martin
    Posted at 04:28h, 29 October Reply

    Boo ya!

  • Mayuko Lock
    Posted at 07:06h, 27 October Reply

    Go Hamish!!

  • Matt Lyons
    Posted at 23:19h, 22 October Reply

    Go Hammers!

  • Avatar
    Alex Zar
    Posted at 04:14h, 15 October Reply

    Don’t forget to take a shot of Saffron every day before the race 😉

  • Avatar
    Alex Zar
    Posted at 04:12h, 15 October Reply

    Let us know if you come in the top 10 and we’ll put in another 200

  • Alex Zar
    Posted at 04:09h, 15 October Reply

    Very Proud and glad to be a part of this amazing goal.

  • Butterfield Consulting Services Pty Ltd Ltd
    Posted at 01:39h, 15 October Reply

    Big effort Hamish.

  • Groundswell Accounting Advisory
    Posted at 00:34h, 15 October Reply

    You can do it!

  • Sally Benney
    Posted at 11:05h, 24 June Reply

    Go Hamish! Competing for a great cause! I’ll see you on the course 🙂

  • Richard De Kretser
    Posted at 04:49h, 09 August Reply

    Go go Hammers! Good stuff, good cause.

  • Adrian Freer
    Posted at 01:42h, 07 August Reply

    Go Hamish, see you on the start line!!

  • Adrian and Gemma Freer
    Posted at 01:40h, 07 August Reply

    Go Hamish!!! See you on the start line!!

  • Ben Kierath
    Posted at 03:29h, 02 August Reply

    Good luck Hamish. Doing it for a great cause.

  • Butterfield Consulting Services Pty Ltd Butterfield
    Posted at 23:10h, 01 August Reply

    Sounds like a great cause Hamish.

  • Ric McDermott
    Posted at 07:10h, 01 August Reply

    Nice one Hamish. Good on ya.

    I’m training for Tri too!! Noosa aquatic looks like a hot tub at 6 in the morning!

  • Hamish Robertson
    Posted at 22:30h, 29 June Reply

    Go Hammers

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