Psychological Services

Child’s Play provides individual psychological counselling to children aged between 3 and 17 years.  These children and young people may be either self-referred or referred by other service providers, such as GP’s, Paediatricians, allied health professionals, schools, hospitals, private practitioners and, other not for profit agencies. Children may be experiencing a range of issues that they need counselling for, such as; depression, anxiety, behavioural issues, bullying, eating disorders, grief and loss, family separation, relationship difficulties, anger, school issues, shyness, just to name a few.

When making the appointment at Child’s Play, the psychologists will discuss the counselling needs of the family, and a treatment plan will be arranged.  Most commonly, children are invited to come in for individual counselling, however group therapy programs are also offered occasionally throughout the year.  If you would like to discuss your child’s counselling needs, we are more than happy to talk through the options available to you.  We can communicate either through a phone consultation, or we can meet for a 50 minute consultation in the counselling room, so that you can familiarise yourself with the counselling space that would be offered to your child.  During this discussion, we can talk through the issues affecting your family, and decide on the best counselling plan for your child/ren.

The psychologist will ensure that parents are provided with up-to-date information about their child’s counselling progress and depending on the child’s wishes, they may be invited to participate in the counselling session, from time to time.  Each child’s family will be highly respected as a client of Child’s Play.  Maintaining their confidentiality and respecting the sensitivity of their personal details will be paramount to members of the team.

Therapeutic Groups

In addition to providing individual counselling, therapeutic groups are also offered for children and adolescents to attend. These groups provide children with the opportunity to meet other children who may be experiencing similar thoughts and feelings.  Therapeutic groups can provide your child with a lovely opportunity to explore their issues, in a comfortable and supportive environment. If you are interested in these groups, please contact us on 3309 7011 to register your interest.

In the first term of 2016, we will be running 2 groups for both confidence building and anxiety. If you would like to register your interest in these groups, please contact us at 3309 7011 or via email.

Medico-Legal Reports

Our organisation does not offer reports for legal or insurance purposes. This is because we don’t have specialist knowledge, expertise, or training in this area. Therefore, we could not guarantee that a report would provide the desired outcome. Also, our focus is on providing affordable treatment for children and families. An important part of this is building strong relationships of trust and safety. Children may not feel comfortable sharing information with our psychologists if they know the information would be shared with a third party. We prefer to focus our sessions (and resources) on the needs of the individuals who seek our support rather than other stakeholders.